Sponsor A Child In Thailand


We've been working with the poorest children in Thailand for more than 30 years to protect them from harm, secure their rights and build a more sustainable future.


Despite a growing economy, milliions of children and families still live below the poverty line.
  • More than seven million people in Thailand are living in poverty - 80% of these live in rural areas.
  • Around 443,000 people are living with the HIV virus.
  • More than 818,000 children aged between five and fourteen years are forced to work.
Young adults learn about sexual health Thailand
Young adults learn about sexual reproductive health at a school supported by Plan International.
Thai students learn to put on life jacket
Students learn how to put on life jackets, helping them prepare for disasters.
Child learning the alphabet in Thailand
A boy learns the alphabet in a school supported by Plan International.

How we're helping

Education is a powerful way to break the poverty cycle so we're equipping schools, training teachers and ensuring more children from attend classes. We're also supporting children's clubs so that children can voice concerns on issues that affect them.

Communities can work their way out of poverty. We're helping, from offering small business training to teaching young people about sustainable agriculture to improve incomes - and diets. We're also helping communities to tackle HIV and AIDS, supporting families and children affected by the virus, and promoting sex education in schools. We're also teaching children about the risks of climate change, and how to prepare for natural disasters.

Protecting children remains central to everything we do, from working to strengthen the enforcement of laws to partnering with government to help victims of child trafficking.