We've been working in partnership with local communities in Sri Lanka since 1980 to help children access their rights to health, education and protection.


Sri Lanka is slowly rebuilding after a generation of civil war, yet numerous challenges remain.
  • Girls are vulnerable to child marriage - 12% are married by 18.
  • Violence in families, schools and communities is widespread.
  • Many schools lack well-educated teachers, adequate buildings and teaching materials.
Children play with clay Sri Lanka
Children playing with clay at an early learning centre supported by Plan International.
Pregnant woman at Sri Lankan health post
Pregnant women wait with their children in a maternity ward at a health centre supported by Plan International.
Sri Lankan child
A child's drawing shows how sanitation enhances quality of life.

How we're helping

Thanks to Plan International, more children in Sri Lanka are enjoying better health and well-being.

Malnutrition is still a problem in Sri Lanka, but with support through Plan International's feeding program the percentage of underweight children in the areas we work has dropped.

We're also focusing on giving children the best possible start by educating teachers, parents and carers on the importance of nurturing their children in their early years.

We're also tackling domestic violence and making homes safer for children by delivering awareness workshops on the impact of violence in the home. As one of the biggest causes of domestic tension is poverty, Plan International is providing access to loans to help families develop their businesses and escape poverty.