Sponsor A Child In Brazil


We're working in Brazil to support children, young people and families to take the lead in developing their own communities.


While Brazil has the seventh largest economy in the world, 22 million children and young people still live in extreme poverty.
  • Around 52% of people living in rural areas do not have adequate sanitation facilities.
  • Many children die of preventable or treatable diseases - 42,000 each year don't live to see their fifth birthday.
  • Child marriage is widely accepted - more than one in three girls are married by age 18.
School boy during lesson in Brazil
A boy learning in a classroom supported by Plan International.
Girls playing football in Brazil
Girls playing soccer as part of a Plan International empowerment program.
Oral health awareness in Brazil
Children learning the importance of dental care and hygiene.


We're working hard in Brazil to provide parents with nutritional advice so that children are well fed, while helping families access clean water and sanitation. We're also building the expertise of local health, education and social services to benefit young children.

Education is one of the most powerful ways to fight poverty. We're making sure children can read, write and do sums when they leave primary school. Involving parents and children in decision-making in schools is also a critical part of this work.

Keeping children safe from harm is central to everything we do, from helping communities to better prepare for natural disasters to protecting children and young people from violence, abuse and sexual exploitation.