Sponsor A Child In Sierra Leone


More than half of Sierra Leone's population live in abject poverty. We're working to give vulnerable children a better start to life.


Sierra Leone has endured years of civil war and, more recently, the devastating Ebola epidemic - their painful legacies continue today.
  • Sierra Leone has been heavily affected by the Ebola epidemic - with more than 3,300 fatalities in the country.
  • In rural areas, 60% of people live without clean drinking water and only 7% of the population have adequate sanitation facilities.
  • Around 70% of women and 47% of men cannot read or write.
Boys display discharge certificates Sierra Leone
Amara, right, and his brother Samuel displaying their certificates after being declared ebola-free.
Sierra Leone girls study using the radio
Girls study using the radio as an alternative to going to school due to the ebola outbreak.
Sierra Leone girls making media project
A girl records a radio show as part of a media project that promotes girls' rights.

How we're helping

Children in Sierra Leone are missing out on basic healthcare. We're turning this around by partnering with government to provide quality healthcare services. To support this work we're creating healthier environments, providing communities with access to clean water and sanitation.

Every child deserves an education: we're building and equipping schools, training teachers and partnering with the United Nations to provide nutritious school meals - and we're explaining to parents the importance of educating girls.

To help families provide for their children, we've set up savings and loans groups so that they can access funds in an emergency or fund small businesses. We're also training women in business skills so that they can work their way out of poverty. By sponsoring a child from Sierra Leone, you're helping us transform the lives of children and communities.