Sponsor A Child In Rwanda


We have been working in partnership with poor communities in Rwanda since 2007 to help children access their rights to health, education and protection.


Rwanda is one of the poorest countries in the world.

Children living in poverty are among the most vulnerable.

  • Around 63% of Rwanda's population are living in poverty.
  • Many children die of preventable or treatable diseases - 24,000 each year don't live to see their fifth birthday.
  • Nearly one in two children suffer from stunted growth caused by malnutrition.
Burundi girl prepares food in Rwanda camp
A Burundi girl prepares a meal in a refugee camp supported by Plan International.
Rwanda early childhood children playing
Children play in an early learning centre supported by Plan International.
Youth training in mechanics Rwanda
Trainee mechanics working on mechanics at a vocational training centre supported by Plan International.

How we're helping

Thanks to child sponsorship, more children in Rwanda are getting the health care and good hygiene they need to give them the best chance for the future. Plan International is helping children right from the start.

We are spreading life-saving messages about the importance of good healthcare from birth.

Through good nutrition, deworming and providing supplements and vitamins, children have a better chance of resisting disease and growing up healthy.

We are screening young children for malnutrition and providing them with micronutrients or referring them for further care in hospital. At the same time we are educating parents on how to care for their children's health and provide the stimulation they need to develop and thrive.