Emergency: provide support to families facing COVID-19

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Natural Disaster & International Emergency Response

Prepare, survive and recover.

Most lives are lost in the first days after a disaster, so the quicker we respond, the more lives we can save.

We respond to meet the most needs of children and their families affected by the disaster as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours. We provide nutritious food, clean water, safe places for children to play and relax, and kits that include the essentials like nappies, sanitary pads and soap.

We're also working in countries prone to disasters throughout Asia and the Pacific, helping children develop evacuation plans and teaching them about the disasters their villages might experience.

This is called 'disaster risk reduction', and it's a proven life-saver.


Eleven-year-old Ajay was living under a tarpaulin after the earthquake destroyed many of the homes and schools in Nepal. But thanks to a child-friendly space he was able to play with his friends, learn and relax.

Children like Ajay often have little idea of how to cope, and their parents are too shocked to provide them with all the support they need. That's where Plan International Child-Friendly Spaces can make an enormous difference. Children are able to forget disaster for a little while. They get to be kids again. And a team of extraordinary staff help them process their experience through songs, dance and games.

Plan International's emergency response provides:

  • child-friendly spaces where kids can learn, play and relax
  • life-saving aid like food, water, shelter and hygiene kits
  • counselling to help children who have experienced trauma.
You can be there for children in crisis

We aim to respond to international emergencies when they happen so children are helped fast. Your support makes this possible.