How Giving to
Plan International Australia works

Here is how we apply your giving

Child Sponsorship

Plan International's child sponsorship program reduces inequality by addressing the unique needs of children in each community, be it helping children go to school, access clean water, or eat wholesome and healthy good. We’re also working with communities to address the barriers to gender equality that limit a girl’s potential.

Every year, Plan International receives over 35,000 child sponsorships allowing us to create impactful, long-term and sustainable change for children all over the world.

How child sponsorship works

Plan International believes that every child has the right to a life free of poverty, discrimination and exploitation. Accordingly, when you sponsor a child through Plan International, you are supporting life-changing projects for some of the world’s most vulnerable children.

By committing to an ongoing child sponsorship of $51 a month – less than $2 a day – sponsors make a long-term impact on a child’s life. Sponsored children can come from countries in Asia, Africa or South America, and children of all ages and genders are eligible for sponsorship.

Sponsorship at Plan International allow you to form a bond with your sponsored child through the exchange of letters and birthday cards. Some sponsors even choose to visit their sponsored children in their village to learn more about their community and their life.

Supporting children, supporting communities

Child sponsorships are applied to life-changing projects in the sponsored child’s community to the benefit everyone in that community. These projects make it possible for all children in that same community to access their basic rights, to go to school, access clean water, or eat wholesome and healthy food. Child sponsorship at Plan International is non-religious, and open to children of all ethnicities and faiths.

Communities are selected to participate in the child sponsorship program based on critical measures set by the United Nations. Communities can also nominate families to take part in the program, with the most disadvantaged families selected and encouraged to participate.

Using this model, child sponsorship does not just benefit one child, or even just one family; it has the scope to benefit entire communities and reduces inequality in the long-term.

Other Giving

Plan International also offers other single/regular giving products. These products specifically offer Plan International the ability to create a match pool and to use this match pool to leverage additional funds from institutional donors including the Australian Government. The Australian Government NGO Cooperation Program managed through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade specifically requires match funding to enhance the impact of the program.

Making your giving go further

As a general principle, the combination of child sponsorship and other giving positions Plan International to amplify the impact into child sponsored communities through this ability to leverage public giving, where $1 dollar leverages into an additional $1.44 in institutional funding (based on FY17 numbers).

This means that when you give Plan International $100, we turn it into $244 of impact in field so that programs for children amount to almost two and a half times the benefit.

How these funds are spent

Plan International works hard to both optimize the amount of funding applied to programs that benefit children and to keep its costs to operate low.

Based on FY17 numbers, for every $1 you give that Plan International can match with additional funds:

80c programmes that benefit sponsored children, their family and their community

2c education about poverty

14c fundraising costs

6c admin and staff costs

2c sourced from Plan International reserves

Investing in quality assurance and for the future

To ensure that we not only sustain, but also grow the work that we do, funds are spent attracting other supporters including new child sponsors. This spend is vital as it takes highly trained, properly remunerated, fully available teams to achieve fundraising results – something that we cannot achieve with unpaid volunteers.

While new donors are essential to the future growth of our programs, donor loyalty is the most valuable gift to Plan International. That is why our teams also work carefully to retain existing donors, many of whom give for many years and continue their legacy by leaving a bequest.

Our commitment to administration costs ensures that proper child safe-guarding procedures are in place to protect children and that our financial practices are robust and meet the high compliance standards set by the Code of Conduct of ACFID, the peak body and the strict requirements of the Australian Government through DFAT.

If you’re not in a position to become a child sponsor right now, you can also support our work through other giving by supporting Change for Girls, or by giving to our appeals.