Girls must become visible in places of power and influence. Plan International’s global #GirlsTakeover is kick-starting the conversation. This International Day of the Girl, we are launching 500 takeovers of positions of power across 60 countries, sending a clear signal to the world that girls belong where decisions are made. Check out the action and be inspired by girls’ power and potential.

Have we achieved gender equality?





I’m really excited about the takeover with Metro because we’ve been talking about it for months. It's great to see our ideas and plans coming together and seeing Metro really wanting to be a part of it.



I’m excited and looking forward to how empowered I will feel throughout the day being a part of the board meetings, and sharing our vlog with others. You never know what that will spark in someone else. And I’m just excited to be a girl boss for the day.



I’m excited to start a conversation in federal politics that needs to be had. We don’t have a minister for youth and we forget that policy impacts people differently depending on their gender - it's a level of scrutiny that often gets forgotten. On International Day of the Girl, I hope to put both gender and young people back on the radar. We're passionate about getting a diverse range of people involved and we hope to remind our politicians that we all have different needs - not all young people or people of the same gender are homogenous, and we all deserve to be represented. 



I am excited about the idea that this is laying the foundations for other women to sit on tables like this in the future and tackle new issues. It can sometimes be intimidating as a woman to promote yourself and your views, but I can see the long-term benefits for all women, both now and in the future.  I am also excited about the Metro takeover, and really getting involved in this. I am hoping it really will make a difference, because I think public transport safety is a real issue for women. 



Excited about the fact that this year, although I have been struggling with my mental health, I’ve had so much support from others on our idea to take over parliament. My idea has turned into something so big and this demonstrates to young people that you can make transformative change and show other young people what we can do and what is possible.

My role as a Plan Youth Activist is so important because what we are doing in parliament is the first time since 2013 that we are going to have a say and politicians cannot run away from us this time because we are going to be there with them for a full day.

This is going to create a huge amount of momentum, not just for young women but for the whole youth sector.