Leaving a Gift
in a Will
Achieving a just world that advances children’s rights and brings equality for girls.

Every child has the right to food, clean water, protection and health. By leaving a gift in your Will, you'll help children living in poverty access these rights, and develop the skills they need to overcome poverty for good.

This is your opportunity to help future generations – and give a gift that lasts.


After meeting all your personal commitments, you can choose to leave Plan International the balance of your assets, a percentage of your estate, or a specific sum.

We recommend you seek qualified legal advice when making a Will or changing an existing Will. If you have specific bequest requirements, or if your desire is to maintain your child sponsorship relationship after your passing, please contact us. If you have already left Plan International in your will, we'd love to know about it.

To discuss making your bequest, or for guidance on wording your bequest, please contact Paul Evans, Gifts and Wills Manager, on 03 9672 3615.

For general information on making a bequest to Plan International download our brochure.


Food for Life Investment Fund

More than three million children under five years old die from hunger-related illnesses every year.

By leaving a gift in your Will to the Food for Life Investment Fund, you will help deliver projects to communities that will meet their food needs for life.

In partnership with the UN World Food Program we address the root issues that cause food shortage in countries like Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and South Sudan. The fund also provides crucial emergency short-term assistance in natural disasters and war zones.


Barbara’s story

Throughout her life, Barbara has seen first-hand the need for food, water and education in the developing countries she’s lived in.

Barbara says, “Food is the most important thing, especially for children. You cannot learn on an empty stomach.” She marvelled at the way Plan International was assisting her own sponsor child’s family and community in Indonesia: the bridge built to enable people to get to markets and a school that would otherwise not exist.

That’s why she decided to leave a gift in her Will to Plan International.

Barbara has a saying; “Inch by inch, everything’s a cinch. Yard by yard, everything’s hard.” Throughout her life, she’s taken small steps to help people and improve communities.

Now, through Plan International, Barbara’s taken one big step to ensure thousands of children won’t go hungry when times are tough.


“I believe that I can play an important role in helping children access their basic right to good, nutritious food – to enable them to grow into healthy and happy children. I consider my bequest to be an ideal way of providing Plan International with the ability to support many children, not just now, but over the long term.”
Barbara Paroissien, Plan International donor