You’re feeding tomorrow’s children

"“Food is the most important thing, especially for children. You cannot learn on an empty stomach.
– Barbara, who has made a gift in Will to Plan International Australia.

Did you know that 66 million primary age children are attending classes with hungry bellies today?

Children who have not eaten cannot concentrate on lessons. Especially if they have already walked long distances with empty stomachs to get to school.

A gift in your Will to the Food for Life Investment Fund ensures future generations of children will have:

  • Nutritious food in their bellies
  • Good health as they grow
  • The chance to learn at school without wondering where their next meal is coming from

If you are a child sponsor, you will already understand the link between food and a good education. Your bequest can help address the many reasons why children go hungry:

  • Poor harvests due to lack of rain or crop spoilage
  • Outdated or ineffective farming techniques
  • Poorly-educated parents who can’t earn enough income to feed their children
  • Climate change causing more droughts and failed harvests

Many of these factors require long-term solutions. Through the Food for Life Investment Fund, you will give families the skills they need to feed their children for life.

Water harvesting, crop training, rearing livestock, nutrition education, business skills – with all of this and more, you will be feeding tomorrow’s children

With a gift in your Will, you can ensure children have food to eat and good health – rather than becoming malnourished or even dying.

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