It is very easy to leave a gift in your Will to Plan International Australia, whether you are creating a Will for the first time or updating an existing Will.

After meeting the needs of your loved ones, your impact through Plan International can continue to flourish through the seeds of kindness you sow when you make a bequest. Such a gift can be made in line with your humanitarian and social justice values, or simply because you love supporting vulnerable girls and boys.

If you have already included Plan International Australia in your Will, we would love to know so we can thank you for changing the lives of tomorrow’s children.

Suggested wording for your Will

Your solicitor may find it useful to be able to refer to our suggested wording when updating your Will. Simply ask your solicitor to insert the appropriate clause selected from the wording below:

“I give free of all duties or taxes…

[Please insert here the appropriate statement selected from the six options below:]

  1. the whole of my estate
  2. [insert number] percent of my estate
  3. the residue of my estate
  4. [insert number] percent of the residue of my estate
  5. the sum of $ [insert value of your gift]
  6. [insert number] of my [insert name of shares] shares. Plan International Australia (ABN 49 004 875 807) for its general purposes. The official receipt of the organisation shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my executor.”

Checklist for writing or updating your Will

Here is a quick checklist of important points you need to remember when it comes to writing or updating your Will:

  1. What do you have to leave behind in your Will?
    You could start by making a list of what you own to give you an idea of the total value of what you can leave behind – your Estate. This will give you a good idea of the total value of your Estate, which you will be able to share amongst the people and causes you care about.
  2. Whom would you like to include in your Will?
    Make a list of all the people closest to you and your favourite charities you want to remember in your Will.
  3. How do you want to divide your estate?
    Decide what you would like to leave to each of the people and charities on your list. There are different types of gifts you can include, such as a portion of your estate, investments or a proportion of whatever remains afterwards (the residue of your Estate).
  4. Have you found a solicitor to write or update your Will?
    Your Will is one of the most important legal documents you have. Consulting with a qualified solicitor or Trustee Company and giving them proper instructions about what you would like to include in your Will is the best way to make sure what you want to happen after you pass away is what actually happens. To find a local Will and probate solicitor or Trustee Company, contact the Law Society or Law Institute in your state or territory.
  5. Have you asked your solicitor to include Plan International Australia in your Will?
    It is simple to include a gift to Plan International Australia in your Will. Just decide what type of gift you would like to include and ask your solicitor to refer to Plan International Australia (ABN 49 004 875 807).
  6. Have you updated your Will to reflect any major changes in your life?
    Whenever there is a significant change in your life, you should think about updating or revising your Will to reflect that. For example, you should plan to update your Will if you have recently:
    - Lost your spouse or partner
    - Married, divorced or re-married
    - Had children or grandchildren
    - Retired
    - Moved home
    - Come into some money or an inheritance

Other things to consider
It is a good idea to discuss important aspects about your Will with your family, friends and Executor. This is especially important if your decisions about how to divide your Estate might come as a surprise to them. This will ensure that your wishes are fulfilled in the way you would like. Make sure your Will is kept in a secure place, that it is easy to find and that your Executor knows where it is located. Should your circumstances change in the future, you can easily alter or update your Will.

For more information, contact:
Emily Dudgeon - Gifts in Wills Officer
Tel: 03 9672 3615