Connie and Hans - sowing seeds of hope through education

Growing up in West Germany after World War II, Connie and Hans know what poverty is like. There were ongoing food shortages, and they used to play in the rubble of the ruined buildings near where they lived.

In the post-war era, Connie’s parents knew that a good education would be important.

“They gave me the best education possible at that time. It created opportunities and enabled Hans and I to migrate to Australia.”

On their way to Australia, Connie and Hans travelled through Nepal. There they saw that people were struggling to get even a basic education, and how girls were falling well behind.

“We felt that helping children get an education would improve their lives – as it had for us. So we began sponsoring a child in Nepal and chose Plan International because it focused on the child from a whole community perspective.

“Not having children of our own, we also decided to leave a gift in our Will to Plan International Australia. It’s important to us that our support continues working into the future – for it to keep enhancing the health, life expectancy and prospects of vulnerable and marginalised children."


“It’s important to us that our support continues working into the future."

“We have great confidence that they will make good use of our gifts for tomorrow’s children.”