Change for Girls

Girls have equal rights. If only they could access them.

What’s the most excluded group in the world? Sadly, it’s girls. In many countries they’re the ones who are most likely to miss out on school. To be kept at home doing domestic chores. To spend hours walking long distances to fetch water. Girls are often excluded when it comes to making important decisions that will affect them. Many are forced into marriage as children and suffer from gender based violence. In many places women and girls can’t vote or inherit land.  

How can you help?

Change for Girls is only possible with people like you.  You’ll be helping us with practical programs that support girls and their communities to access their rights, escape poverty and live full and productive lives.

Your donations will help: 
  • Directly support girls facing poverty, discrimination and injustice
  • Protect girls in emergencies, when they’re most vulnerable
  • Help us promote gender equality in communities.

“I hated missing all those lessons. I am one of the brightest pupils in my class and I want to do my best so I can become a lawyer.”

At 11, Agnes got her period. She was frightened and didn’t know what it was. Everyone at school laughed at her. She had no means of staying hygienic, so for years she spent many days of each month at home, ashamed to go to school.

When she was 16, thanks to supporters like you, Plan International supported her and her school with health and menstrual hygiene education, and affordable washable pads. Now she’s going to school and her life is back on track.