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When the Rohingya people fled violence in Myanmar, they lost their homes, their livelihoods and everything they owned. Some children lost even more than that; they lost their families too.

Traffickers prey on children in times of crisis. And now that hundreds of thousands of people have crossed the border from Myanmar into Cox’s Bazar, the world’s largest refugee camp, the child-trafficking networks are taking full advantage of the chaos.

We need to act now to keep Rohingya children safe from traffickers. Will you help?

Rohingya Nur

For a trafficked child, the future is unthinkable

Rohingya children have already lived through some of the worst things imaginable. But if they’re taken by traffickers, they could face a life of forced labour, domestic slavery or prostitution.

Child trafficking has significantly increased in Cox’s Bazar over the last few months, so there’s no time to lose. Your donation to the Rohingya Crisis will help us reach the some of the world’s most vulnerable children before the traffickers do.

How your donation to the Rohingya crisis will help

Many of the Bangladeshi police, local officials, social workers and teachers in Cox’s Bazar have never worked in a refugee camp of this scale before. Your donation to the Rohingya crisis could help give them specialised child-protection training tailored to life in the camp.

Next, it could help educate the wider community on how to protect Rohingya children from trafficking.

It could also help fund teams who’ll travel around Cox’s Bazar visiting children most at-risk, and build safe spaces where they can receive counselling, support and education about the risks of trafficking.

We work with vulnerable children all over the world, and your donation will help us protect kids everywhere. Including girls like Nur in Cox’s Bazar. We have to start this work as soon as possible. But we can’t do it without you.

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Rohingya children