Independence. Dignity. Income.

These are life essentials everyone deserves.

But opportunities are slim for most young people living with disabilities in Cambodia. Being outcasted is common, and decent work is hard to find.

But thanks to an innovative Youth Vocational Training project, Soknan, a young man with epilepsy, is taking life on.


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Give young people a brighter future


"I want to use the money from selling chickens to buy medicine."

I’ve had epilepsy since I was young. I have seizures sometimes once a month, and other times two or three times per month. When it happens I start feeling a bit dizzy, I’m kind of aware that it’s about to happen and I can feel my body start to shake.

My most recent seizure was just yesterday at around 3pm. I started feeling dizzy when I was preparing food for the chickens, and then I fell over. But I’m not aware while the seizure is actually happening. I used to get teased when I was in school. Other children would tease me and others would imitate my seizures. When people did this I wouldn’t respond or say anything, I’d just walk away.

I recently got training in chicken-raising.

I’d like to raise more chickens. I’ve thought about raising pigs too. I now have 10 chickens, which I’ve been raising myself for one month. This is the first time I’ve raised chickens. I want to use the money from selling chickens to buy medicine. I would go to the pharmacy and tell them I have epilepsy and get some medicine.

Where does my donation go?

Funds will support a young person’s six-month training course, leading to independence, dignity, and ultimately, income. For people with disabilities, this opportunity is crucial. Help us reach out to 400 more people like Soknan.