Every month, she's missing out on school. Period.

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All around the world, girls are missing school because of a natural biological process: periods.

Girls like Agnes, who lives in a village where menstruation used to be a taboo topic. She was 11 years old the day she looked down and saw blood on her dress. She thought she was dying.

With no one to tell her otherwise, Agnes thought what she went through every month was a shameful sickness. And with only makeshift sanitary supplies, she had to stay away from school each month to avoid being humiliated in front of her classmates.

Donate here to help break down the taboos that are keeping girls from the classroom.

Your gift will help to fund a health and hygiene project like the one Plan International brought to Agnes’ village. 

Health workers taught children and their families about menstruation – breaking down the secrecy and myths that were stopping girls from getting an education. 

Please help bring this health project to more girls and their families.

People like you have helped to bring these life-changing projects to Indonesia and Uganda, where Agnes lives.

Now we need your support to take another project to children in Laos. 

Your kindness will help bring a drama show into schools, to break down the menstruation myths stopping girls from getting the education they deserve. 

Please give today to help vulnerable girls overcome inequality and have a better future. 

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“I hated missing all those lessons. I am one of the brightest pupils in my class, and I want to do my best so I can become a lawyer”.

Your donation today will be used to help fund:

  • A travelling drama show, that will help dispel harmful myths about menstruation.
  • An education session for parents, to break down the taboos that are keeping their daughters away from school.
  • Information materials to help girls understand and manage their periods with confidence and dignity.

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