Stop the sexual exploitation of girls at work in Uganda

As many as one in ten girls in Uganda have been affected by sexual abuse and exploitation. And girls tell us that this is a real issue for them at work.

Girls and young women are often financially desperate, and jobs are hard to come by. Living in poverty with little options for escape means that these girls are at high risk of exploitation.

Some bosses coerce girls into having sex with them to secure a job, then force them to have sex with customers to keep it. With no other options girls stay in these awful situations, hoping it will get better.

When girls and young women are brave enough to speak out about being exploited, they are often ignored, not taken seriously, or silenced. This has to change.

The Ugandan Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development has launched an official consultation into the Sexual Exploitation of Girls at Work. This is a huge opportunity to end this awful abuse of power.

Youth advocates Fiona, Faridah and Rowlings are calling for this consultation to focus on why action isn’t being taken when girls report incidents of exploitation. And they want you to help raise their voices.

This campaign is now closed and the youth advocates are preparing to meet with the Ugandan Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development.

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