West Java earthquake response

A 5.6 magnitude earthquake devastated West Java, Indonesia on 21 November 2022, killing at least 270 people and leaving thousands homeless.

This has appeal has now closed. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Plan Indonesia Executive Director Dini Widiastuti, ABC News 24, discussing our West Java earthquake response Play Video

Our response

Plan International’s emergency response team was quick to respond to the earthquake, distributing hygiene kits, food, and bottled water to affected children and their families.

Prioritising the needs of children, our response expanded to:

  • recovery programs for children who have lost their parents
  • psychosocial services
  • temporary learning facilities
  • addressing child protection needs.

Many of those killed and injured were children, who at the time were in schools, madrasas, and Islamic boarding schools.

Children like 15 year old Zaina and younger sister Lulu who were both studying in class when the earthquake struck and managed to escape before their school buildings collapsed. Now living in an evacuation center, they’re traumatised by the event, but are looking forward to returning to school.

You can support communities to respond and prepare for emergencies by making a donation to Plan International Australia.

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