Will you stand with girls like Isha and help stop female genital mutilation?

Will you help empower women and girls to know their rights?

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Isha was very young when she was forced to undergo female genital mutilation (FGM), a painful and disfiguring procedure involving the removal of the external female genitalia.

It’s the same experience that millions of young women like Isha still go through today, but your gift can help them take control of their futures.

FGM is still practiced in many communities and countries around the world – where it is often considered an important initiation ritual.

That’s why it is so important to empower and support communities to understand that they can end this harmful practice without losing their culture and traditions.

When you give generously today, you’ll help support more girls like Isha to end FGM in their communities.

My parents didn’t give me any kind of warning … As soon as I went inside someone blindfolded me, and then it happened.

Together, we can end FGM.

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FGM doesn’t just hurt their bodies, it impacts their futures too.

Many communities believe FGM represents a girl’s passage to womanhood. Young women are often married and expected to start having babies soon after having the procedure. That means many are denied the opportunity to complete their education – and achieve their extraordinary potential.

Thankfully, Isha left home before she was forced to marry … and since being taken in by a school that supports children just like her, she’s become a brave advocate helping other young women make decisions about their bodies and futures.

Will you stand with girls like Isha?

By donating today, you could help:

  • Train health-care workers to provide medical and psychosocial care to FGM survivors.
  • Give young women like Isha information about sexual and reproductive health, and empower them to make their own choices about their bodies.
  • Support strategic campaigns to encourage governments and community leaders to enact change in law that protects young women.


I know that you share the same dream as I do – a world where every child can thrive, and where girls aren’t denied their human rights. With your compassionate donation, you’re helping girls all over the world reach their full potential.

We know from past pandemics such as the Ebola virus that COVID-19 will put girls at increased risk of violence, discrimination and rights abuses such as FGM. Now, more than ever, we must act to ensure they are protected.

By standing with girls and empowering them to know their rights, speak up and lead, we’re working towards a better, more equal world for all. Because a better now for her means a better future for everyone.

Together, we can end FGM.