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To ending child marriage

You can create choices which prevent girls from experiencing the lasting trauma of child marriage.
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Since the pandemic we’re seeing the greatest surge in child marriage rates in 25 years.

Provide girls and their families with better choices for the future.


Too young to wed

Child marriage denies girls their childhood, the chance to go to school, to be independent and to choose their own future.

Girls who are married before they turn 18 are more likely to experience violence and are often forced to have children before their bodies are ready.

The physical and psychological impacts of the kind of trauma girls face when they’re married as a child can be devastating and long-lasting.


23 girls under 18 are married every minute.


That’s 1 girl married every 3 seconds

Matu*, 17, Sierra Leone

I had to leave school in order to take care of my husband.

Matu was only 12 years old when she was married to a 35 year old man. It felt like the only option for her father, a farmer, who had just lost his wife and was struggling to make ends meet.

Joining a Plan International Girl Power Group was critical to Matu finding her voice and feeling empowered to leave her marriage and return to school.

“I want to become a lawyer so that if abusive things happen to someone like what happened to me I will be able to intervene. I will take action so that people are not able to take advantage of young girls.”

*Name changed to protect identity

Are you committed to creating choices for girls and their communities?

Child marriage prevention and intervention is embedded in as many of our programs as possible.

Here’s some of the ways we’re tackling this issue with the help of people like you.

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Child Protection

  • Strengthen child protection systems in regions where there are high rates of child marriage
  • Train case workers who can intervene before a marriage takes place
  • Provide resources for teachers, healthcare workers and community leaders to keep girls safe


Education Engagement

  • Education sessions for community members and leaders to understand the dangers of child marriage, and the positive impact of keeping girls in school
  • Expand and build support groups for girls at risk to keep them in school


Medical Intervention

  • Provide psychosocial support for girls who have experienced the trauma of child marriage to help them rebuild their lives
  • Medical treatment for survivors of child marriage and abuse
  • Ongoing mental and physical support to help girls rebuild their lives


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