Children are experiencing extreme hunger in the Horn of Africa. And the situation is getting worse. We must act now.

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Photographer: Plan International
Zelalem, 35, is concerned about the health of her children, in Ethiopia.

We cannot afford to wait on this. Will you help?

Children in South Sudan and Ethiopia are facing critical food shortages and we urgently need your support to reach them.

At the heart of the crisis are Pibor County in South Sudan and the Tigray region of Ethiopia. The climate crisis had left some areas in the region suffering drought and others affected by serious flooding. Conflict has driven millions from their homes. As a result, communities have been cut off from food supplies, crops have been wiped out and livelihoods have been destroyed.

There has already been reports of hunger-related deaths.

Right now, millions of children are suffering from malnutrition and many families are having to cope with one meal a day – or less. Children are going to bed hungry. Families are having to make heart-breaking decisions to make ends meet. Girls are being taken out of school and are facing harmful practices like child marriage.

COVID-19 is compounding all these problems, leaving communities in dire need of your support.

Will you please make a donation today to provide life-saving aid such as food, water and protection?

Photographer: Charles Atiki Lomodong
Oboch has his arm measurement taken to check for malnourishment.


Without your help, the lives and futures of girls are under threat

In situations as desperate at this, girls often eat less and eat last. They’re often the first to miss out on education. They face harmful practices like child marriage. And displaced girls are also far more likely to face physical and sexual violence, early pregnancy and child trafficking.

While food and nutrition are the major concerns, we’re also worried about the long-term impact this crisis will have on girls. Without support now, their futures are at risk. Your donation will help us deliver programs like Food for Education, which is helping to reduce hunger while also keeping girls in school.

We cannot afford to wait on this. Will you help?

We need your support today so we can act fast to save lives. Here’s how your donation can help children and families in South Sudan and Ethiopia:


  • Distribute life-saving food packages and emergency cash transfers to families who have been cut off due to floods and conflict.
  • Provide hot meals in schools and give students take-home rations, an added incentive for parents to keep sending their children to school.
  • Focusing on the unique needs of women and girls by ensuring they aren’t excluded from food distribution, and providing supplement foods for women who are pregnant and lactating.


  • Screen for and treat children suffering from life-threatening malnutrition at Plan International nutrition centres.


  • Create child-friendly safe spaces and provide psychosocial support so children can stay safe.
  • Strengthen child protection systems and help case workers identify girls who may be at risk of violence, child marriage and exploitation.

The situation in the Horn of Africa is truly alarming. Yet, despite millions of lives hanging in the balance, it is not receiving significant media attention. Immediate support from caring people like you is critical if we are to save the lives of children and communities.

Photographer: Plan International
Women collect food aid during distribution in South Sudan.

We cannot afford to wait on this. Will you help?