Child Marriage

Stand with young people
and help change the law in Tanzania

Tanzania has one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world. On average, one in three girls are married before they turn 18. In rural areas, some girls are getting married as young as 11.

The consequences of child marriage are serious – and they last a lifetime. Girls who marry young will often be forced to drop out of school and abandon their education. They’re more likely to have children before their young bodies are ready, and to be subject to abuse.

No girl should be robbed of her childhood this way. That’s why we’re standing with young people in Tanzania, as they urge their Government to amend the law and make all marriage of children under 18 illegal. Your voice can help make that change happen.

Thank you for signing the petition to show your support

Thank you for signing the petition and standing in solidarity with Tanzanian youth advocates who want to make child marriage illegal for everyone under 18.

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Joyce’s story

“After I finished primary school, I didn’t get a chance to go to secondary school. I regret that I didn’t go back. I would have liked to have been a nurse or a teacher.”

Joyce was just 15 when she had to leave school to get married. Now she wants a different future for her daughters.

How you made change happen in Malawi

When we stand with young people around the world, we know we can make change happen.

In 2016, more than 42,000 of you signed a petition to end child marriage in Malawi – and it worked. Earlier this year, the government agreed to change the Constitution, closing a loophole that made it legal for children to be married.

Now we need your help to change the law in Tanzania too.