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As you read this, the people of South Sudan are in the grips of a food crisis. Years of an ongoing civil war and continuing conflict have ravaged the community, killing many and forcing entire villages to flee their homes. The economy is close to collapse, and many families are living in poverty. And continuing drought has destroyed millions of crops, ravaging the nation’s food supply.

Right now, over seven million people – including many children – do not know when they will next eat.

These children are among the most vulnerable in the world. Every day, they face the risk of hunger, malnutrition and sickness. And children currently don’t have access to enough food.

For girls, the threat is even worse. During a crisis, girls are more likely to stop going to school, be kept at home to help with household chores, eat last, if at all, and face the unimaginable risks of trafficking, early marriage and sexual violence.

It’s an impossible situation for a girl to face – but you can help children facing famine stay healthy and safe. And by donating today, your gift will be multiplied by up to seven times through our partnerships.

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Sarah is 16 – and it’s been two days since she last ate.

"Today we haven’t had anything to eat...I feel OK, but I am hungry. My dream is that the rain comes, so I can grow more food to eat and sell. I want to be able to study so I can get a good job, and help my family to survive."

Every day, children like Sarah worry when they will next eat. But with very small measures, you can help shield children from hunger, and work on long-term solutions to improve the lives of girls and boys, both those living in South Sudan and those living in surrounding countries who were forced to flee.

By giving today, you can help:

  • Provide urgent food and medical attention to children most at risk of hunger
  • Supply families with the seeds and tools they need to grow their own crops
  • Support children and families forced into neighbouring countries with safe water and child-friendly spaces
  • Amplify the voices of women and girls in community discussions
  • Work with communities to reduce discrimination against girls
  • Encourage families to keep their daughters in school by providing school meals

We can’t afford to wait on this – famine is just around the corner. Will you support children like Sarah to access the food, facilities and support they need to avoid hunger and thrive?

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