What We're Doing

Our child development programs help children access their right to play. Our programs offer children aged 0–8 the best possible outcomes in terms of physical, social and emotional development as well as language development and learning.

We help local communities set up and operate Early Learning centres to provide happy and productive learning environments for their children. We also work with families, schools and governments to ensure young children grow up healthy, happy and ready for school.

Every child has the right to a life free from poverty. Become a Supporter of Change today!

A selection of our projects

You can support our projects in Asia and Africa and help communities break the cycle of poverty.

Helping Children Develop and Learn in Uganda

Joseph, 29, can now help his children read after taking part in parenting skills sessions in Uganda.

In Uganda, most children miss out on early childhood care and development services, particularly in rural areas. We're tackling this by providing thousands of boys and girls with the opportunity to be prepared for, and succeed at school.

  • Our early learning centres, staffed by trained caregivers, are helping children learn through play and activities.
  • Our special transition programs are helping 5 and 6-year-olds prepare for school.
  • Parenting groups, set up with our support, are equipping parents and guardians with the skills and knowledge to support their children's development.
  • Families are learning how to make educational toys for their children using local and traditional materials.

Improving Early Childhood Care in Indonesia

Few Indonesian children in poor rural areas attend preschool, and primary school dropout rates are high. Malnutrition, poor health and a lack of stimulation are also affecting children's development.

In partnership with parents, caregivers and government, we're making sure children are raised in nurturing and stimulating environments, and are healthy and prepared for school. Simple initiatives such as producing locally made play and learning materials, are supporting children's successful transition to primary school. We're also improving early learning centres and working with parenting groups so mothers and fathers can learn about effective parenting skills and child nutrition.

Children in a playground at a Plan-supported a kindergarten in Rembang, Indonesia.