• Help children in Nepal

    Two major earthquakes have struck Nepal – only a few weeks apart – and have caused widespread devastation across the country.

    Many children have lost their families, homes, and schools. Aftershocks continue, and the threat of landslides – particularly in remote areas – is real.

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    You can give a one-off gift to help children directly affected by the earthquake, or make an ongoing monthly contribution to ensure children in Nepal - and other countries around the world - have the opportunity to rebuild their lives when disaster strikes.

    If funds raised exceed amount needed for this appeal, they will be directed to Plan's Children in Crisis fund.

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  • Nepal Earthquake appeal CIC page image

    Image: A girl in the arms of her father in the largely destroyed city Sakhu, near Kathmandu

How your donations help...

  • $45 will provide a hygiene kit for children in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake.
    This kit includes essentials like toilet paper, soap and toothpaste.

  • Infant birthing kit

    $65 will provide families with an infant/birthing kit.
    This kit includes essentials like bottles, nappies and blankets.

  • Family shelter kit

    $125 can provide a shelter kit for a family.
    This kit contains tools, rope and plastic sheeting.

Becoming a Children in Crisis Champion

Children in Pakistan play at a Child-Friendly Space that was set up by Plan following the flood crisis in August-September 2010.

When you become a Children in Crisis Champion, you are helping us be there for children and their families at their most vulnerable time.

As a Children in Crisis Champion you'll receive:

  • updates on how your donation has been used to save lives and invest in recovery efforts;
  • copies of our magazine Global Child;
  • e-zines packed with news and special offers from our corporate partners;
  • an end of financial year tax receipt for your contributions. 

The Three R's – Our Approach

People search through rubble for survivors in Sagbayan, BoholPeople search through rubble for survivors in Sagbayan, Bohol after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck. Credit Robert Michael Poole www.twitter.com/tokyodrastic

  • Response (0–3 months)
    As soon as possible after a disaster hits – usually within 24 hours – we begin work to meet the immediate survival needs of people affected by the disaster.
  • Recovery (2–12 months)
    We help families to make a living again to strengthen their economic security, and to ensure children can continue their education and remain safe from harm.
  • Reconstruction (9–36 months)
    We continue to focus on children's physical, psychosocial and educational wellbeing. We also help their communities to prepare for future crises.

About the Children in Crisis Fund

The Children in Crisis Fund is our central fund for preparing for and responding to natural and man-made disasters around the world. It is specifically designed to raise funds for our work that supports vulnerable children and their communities.

When you donate to the fund, you are providing us with the flexibility to respond to emergencies without delay – confident that the funds are there. Your continuing, regular contributions to the fund enable us to invest in poor communities for the long term, helping them to recover from the disaster, rebuild, and prepare for future crises.