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Plan for Girls

Every year 10 million girls are forced into marriage before their 18th birthday - that's one every three seconds.

Here in Australia these statistics are hard for us to comprehend. But they are real. Each girl's story is real.

We need to stop this happening. But we need your support to keep these girls out of forced marriages and in school.

Plan is working with children and communities across the world to address the barriers that prevent girls from completing their education. Educated girls are empowered girls who can transform their own lives and the world around them.

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Girls find their voice in Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone, gender inequality is rife. Violence against women and girls is widespread and there is a low rate of literacy and a lack of schooling among girls. Many women and girls do not know their rights, or do not have the confidence to exercise those rights.

Discrimination against women and girls is ingrained in the culture. There's an acceptance that 'this is just the way it is', and there’s very low public awareness of the issue.

In 2010, it was time for a new perspective. Plan initiated the Girls Making Media Project to address issues facing adolescents, especially girls, and to work with adult journalists to improve their coverage of these issues.

Girls like Sarah (pictured) are now educated on girls' empowerment issues, and trained in media and journalism production. They're not alone – boys are also included in the training so there is a united front in the media on addressing gender discrimination and gender-based violence.

Sarah is broadcasting on the airwaves and working with adult journalists to build a greater understanding of the needs and rights of adolescent girls in Sierra Leone. Maybe she will become a journalist. For now, she has a voice, and it’s helping to bring about a more equitable society for all.

Sarah (16) from Kamaba Girls Making Media group, Sierra Leone, in her classroom Sarah is part of the Girls Making Media Project in Sierra Leone. It's designed to empower girls to use media to address issues facing adolescents.